Your Questions About Frozen Shoulder Physical Therapy

James asks…

Can a chiropractor do anything for me?

I recentley went to a orthopedic doctor for a diagnosis of my shoulder pain. I did not care for him as he said I should go to Physical Therapy but never said what was wrong. I had to ask the Nurse! And she wasn’t even in the room! Well anyways, she said it was Bursitis. But I have also been having tingling in my pinky and ringer fingers as well as that side of my palm. He had said that the two shouldn’t be connected. But he never said anything else about that.

The pain in my shoulder area that I have is that it constantly grinds and pops. Even when I am just walking. Now it is affecting my rib area as well.

I guess I was just wondering if getting an opinion from a chiropractor would be of any use…??
I should also share that I injured my shoulder in 02 and had surgery in 04. For shoulder instability. I am experiencing the same symptoms as before, as far as the grinding and popping goes.

admin answers:

Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint, and there are many common causes of this problem. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause. Pain located around the shoulder is common and almost never poses a serious threat to life. Nonetheless, it can persist for a long time and cause discomfort and disability. Most of the time the pain comes from soft tissues near the joint and not from the bones or the joint itself. These soft tissues include the ligaments (which connect one bone to another), tendons (which connect bone to muscle), and the bursae (little fluid-filled sacs at the joints). If you have shoulder pain, some common causes include:

Bursitis| Rotator Cuff Tendonitis.
Rotator Cuff Tear.
Frozen Shoulder.
Calcific Tendonitis.
Shoulder Instability. Instability is a problem that causes a loose joint. Instability can be caused by a traumatic injury (dislocation), or may be a developed condition.

Shoulder Dislocation. A dislocation is an injury that occurs when the top of the arm bone becomes disconnected from the scapula, such as numbness in the hands and fingers.

Shoulder Separation.
Labral Tear.
SLAP Lesion.
Biceps Tendon Rupture.

For bursitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, and bicep tendinitis, the key word is RIMS:

Maintenance of mobility
Physical Therapy
Anti-Inflammatory Medication
Cortisone Injections.

Chiropractor. Manipulation should only be carried out by an appropriately qualified chiropractor, osteopath, physical therapist or physician specifically skilled to do so.
I hope this helps you. And good luck.

Donna asks…

Last week I just found out I have scoliosis. What happens after this (I have some questions)?

My spine is moderately S-shaped, my shoulders, ribs & hips are uneven, I have horrible posture, and I’ve had back pain for a few years. A week ago I had a stabbing pain in my left shoulder-blade that hurt whenever I would breathe deep, sneeze, hiccup, cough, chew, blow my nose, turned a steering wheel, or hit a bump in the road. Seriously, I couldn’t stretch my left arm or sleep on my left side (finding a position to sleep in at all was difficult). Any slight movement was painful and being on the rag didn’t help. The chiropractor said i’m going to need physical therapy treatments a few times a week. On my last visit he stretched my limbs a bit, then I had to have hot-packs and an electric pulsating device placed on my back and shoulders for 10 minutes. The pain isn’t as bad as last week since the roll-on bio-freeze helps a bit, but the pain got so bad at night that I had to take the last two pills of my old tramadol prescription from 2 months ago (it helped, but there’s none left and no refills). The chiropractor can’t prescribe pain medication (he can only sell bio-freeze), so what do I do if the shoulder pain comes back and the bio-freeze isn’t cutting it? How long would it probably take for therapy to align my spine? I’m 20, 102 lbs, and 5’2″, so will I get taller? How will I know if I need surgery?
I forgot to mention he shown me the x-ray results while discussing my scoliosis. I googled some pics of normal spines and scoliosis. My results look like I have it, but a moderate case. I hope it doesn’t get worse though.

admin answers:

This doctor is a big rip off! He’s just coming up with excuses to get you to keep going to his clinic and pay a lot of money. Here are some important facts for you:

The majority of adolescents with significant scoliosis with no known cause are observed at regular intervals (usually every four to six months), including a physical exam and a low radiation X-ray.

Bracing is the usual treatment choice for adolescents who have a spinal curve between 25 to 40 degrees — particularly if their bones are still maturing and if they have at least two years of growth remaining.

The purpose of bracing is to halt progression of the curve. It may provide a temporary correction, but usually the curve will assume its original magnitude when bracing is eliminated.
Those who have curves beyond 40 to 50 degrees are often considered for scoliosis surgery. The goal is to make sure the curve does not get worse, but surgery does not perfectly straighten the spine. During the procedure, metallic implants are utilized to correct some of the curvature and hold it in the correct position until a bone graft, placed at the time of surgery, consolidates and creates a rigid fusion in the area of the curve. Scoliosis surgery usually involves joining the vertebrae together permanently — called spinal fusion.


Many studies have shown that electrical stimulation, exercise programs, and manipulation are of no benefit in preventing the progression of scoliosis. However, people with scoliosis should stay active and fit.


Most of the time scoliosis does not cause pain in children or teens. Pain in a teen who has scoliosis may indicate another problem, such as a bone or spinal tumor. If your child has pain associated with scoliosis, it is very important that he or she see a doctor to find out what is causing the pain.

I dont believe Scoliosis is causing these symptoms at all! See a good MD or spine specialist like The Cleveland Clinic or somewhere like that! Stay away from these chiropractors! I highly doubt the diagnosis he gave you and even if it’s true the treatment options are not medically sound or accepted. Your symptoms are most likely being caused by something else that is not that serious.

Mary asks…


Ok i bursitis in my shoulders and have a couple of questions about it.
How can i treat it?
Some websites say that i should use ice and rest. My doctor said go to physical therapy after getting it x-rayed by an orthopedist.
If i need physical therapy, how long would the therapy last? Would i need to rest after therapy is over? If so, how long?
What is the best way to treat bursitis in the shoulder?

admin answers:

The websites are right rest and ice… Avoid repetitive motion and above the shoulder motion except when doing gentle range of motion exercises… Avoid the activity that caused the bursitis if you have an idea what it was…

If you go to P.T. They will give you exercises and give you advice on care… The may use modalities… (ultrasound or electrical stimulation…) P.T. Will most likely be 1 month… (give or take) You will not need to rest after therapy…

The doctor may suggest a anti inflammatory medication and/or a low dose pain reliever… Lets say now is not the time to paint a room or play tennis… Volleyball… Or do any action that requires you to bring your arms above shoulder level… Not to say you should avoid that motion all together because then you can get what is called ‘”frozen shoulder” which makes bursitis seem like a walk in the park…

Some P.T. Won’t hurt…

Linda asks…

Do you have to be put to sleep or freeze numbing when they drain the fluid out of my rotter cuff?????

admin answers:

Do you mean rotator cuff? You won’t be asleep. The doctor will give you a local and then stick a needle in the back of the shoulder, The fluid will drain and then you might get a steroid shot in the same area.
Ice on the shoulder will keep the swelling down and calm the muscles. You probably will have to sling your arm and not use it until your next doctors appointment or when you get physical therapy. Follow your doctors orders or you will have to do it all over again. ICE ICE BABY

Paul asks…

turning 29 soon and feel like a loser is that normal?

Well I am 28 year-old male who, due to many factors, has been pretty far behind the curve when it comes to relationships and sex. Did casual dating a few times when I was in high school/college (as in we go out 1-2 times just for fun, never get physical at all) but didn’t date in any form for most of my 20s due to personal issues (mostly due to massive shyness/social-anxiety problems).
I’ve managed to turn things around a bit and can talk to anyone, but sometimes I do get nervous around woman I like or want to say some ting and flirt but fail to do so. Also I feel good about myself most days, but still have self-esteem issues.

To further complicate matters, I have had sex, but only once. I dated one girl for 6 months.
My job is OK but it a dead end job and it is nothing I am passion at about doing forever. Retail sucks and I do not like it at all so it was time to do something new. My job just does not pay well like $18 an hour will not feed a family even working full time.

I’ve recently realized a lot of my friends aren’t who they used to be. Our interests have grown apart, but that’s another story. Make new friends is hard people will freeze you out before you have a chance to make friends with them. It is like have a nice day but go have it somewhere else.

I am busy because I am currently going back to college to become a physical therapy assistant. You have to apply to get into the physical therapy assistant program. So studying hard is key and good grades on top of that. I still have some core class to take and got a lot of work ahead of me.

Helping people is what I am good at and I am a good listener and I have a ton of patience’s and very easy going kind of guy. Also I am sensitive and have empathy for people. Also very good at encouraging and teaching people and I have a calm and soothing voice. I want a job that is rewarding and full filling.

Anyway I want to start a family some day and do all the stuff i never got to do. I want to spend more time with my kids then work all the time. I want to give them the opportunity to play sports if they want to it is up to them. I am there to help them if they need help with their home work of just hang out with my kids. I want to go on family vacations and go on short tips together.

A lot of times, I’ll think, “I’m not really that talented, and I have maximized what I’ve gotten and that I should stop kicking the **** out of myself. It’s a paradoxical way to look at it—positive and negative at the same time. Who the **** am I to think I am entitled to a good job and other things? That I should have done more? That do I deserved more? I’ve done more than I deserved.

I don’t know if that’s the healthiest thing—to be motivated by a fear of hating yourself. But it definitely helps. In a perfect world I would overcome the sense that I suck constantly.
I know self pity will get you know wear but it is hard to feel good about your self some times.

I just feel like I suck and a loser cuz i have done nothing with my life yet other then work and hang out with friends.

For a while I thought dwelling in that darkness and that self-hatred worked, but eventually it becomes more crippling than good.

I’m constantly tortured by a sense of failure. I feel like quitting all the time. I feel like hiding in drugs or alcohol. I feel like I’ve failed in terms of what my potential is. I don’t think I’ve achieved my potential because I haven’t worked that hard and I haven’t found the right angles.

well my goal is to keep going to college and get the core class done and put all my energy into that . Just keep my head up and keep on grinding and working on my self. I know the min i give up I will be a loser if i do.

I want success more than I want to breathe and will stop at nothing to get it no mater if it is only me that thinks I can do it.
well maybe you are

lol yea thanks

admin answers:

You’re going back to school and working towards a goal, how does that make you a loser?
You have the rest of your life to start a family. You’re male, so the older you get the more you’re worth. That is if you continue to work towards a goal that is higher than your previous.

You sound like you have a good head on your shoulder. Enjoy your own company and live life for yourself and stop comparing to others so much, if you do it will drive you crazy.

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