You Can Still Work-Out Even With A Torn Rotator Cuff

A Torn Rotator Cuff becomes an alarming and serious condition without medical attention. However, if you took good care of yourself by immediately seeking help, you are on your way to complete recovery. The good news is this: You can still work-out even with a torn rotator cuff! shares some insights that even though a torn rotator cuff limits certain daily movements and tasks, you can still continue with your work-out regimen with proper caution.

Front Delts

Yes, if you have a torn rotator cuff you will be limited in what you can do in your workout as well as other everyday tasks. However, if you are a person dedicated to keeping fit there’s no way you want to just wait it out. I know because I’ve been there. I have been an avid weight trainer for over 20 years! And yes I’ve had a torn rotator.

The first step to working out with a torn rotator is to purpose in your heart that you can work around it. Yes, it embarrassing to do front or side lateral raises with 5 pound dumb bells, but that is exactly what needs to happen. This is the only way to keep muscles from becoming stiff and not responding as they should.


You will need to do a lot of stretching as well to keep full range of motion. You will know when to stop because it will hurt BAD! Do not try to push through the pain if you do your injury will take longer to heal. This is no time for the no pain no gain kind of thinking. I know how body builders think and how they are always pushing through pain, but you can’t do it with a torn rotator cuff. On second thought, you can, but you’ll pay a big price!

Taking extra care of your movements is key to have an effective work-out even with a torn rotator cuff. gives succinct tips on this.

Don’t push it

This is where it gets tricky. There will be some exercises that use the shoulders that you will be able to do and others you won’t, it depends on where your tear is. What you have to do is try it with very little weight and if it hurts BACK OFF! Do something else. It will be hard to even reach out and grab a weight with that arm so you reach out with the good arm and place it in the other hand. There are little tricks like this you learn to do so that you can still workout.

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Do not let a torn rotator cuff let you feel down and out! You can still do the things you love to do, of course, with care and moderation! I got this torn rotator cuff a few months ago and even with my weekly gym appointments, I totally got well with the proper exercises.

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