Pull Ups And Shoulders Injuries Rotator Cuff Injuries Due to Incorrect Form

Correct Pull Ups Form to prevent shoulder injuries Rotator Cuff Exercises, Anti-inflammatory, Surgery, Rotator Cuff Stretching, Back Stretching, all those may not help and could be avoided.

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23 Responses to Pull Ups And Shoulders Injuries Rotator Cuff Injuries Due to Incorrect Form

  1. Jorge Vázquez says:

    Wow seems like u know what u talking about bro I’m getting a similar pain its on the upper front part of my left shoulder pain stops completely by next day I’m taking 4 days off between pull ups work outs its that OK or should I take a month off and start doing some yoga or something.

  2. TheTruth1ness says:

    I think some of the confusion might be between scapular elevation and scapular rotation. You always want rotation when you go up, but pure up down elevation I’m not so sure because that usually makes impingement worse as pure elevation also causes the scapula to tilt forward which really makes the acromion dig down.

  3. KingConservative says:

    same here! i can still do pull ups but it hurts a little bit if i bend my shoulder at the right angle, and i wana know how to fix it.

  4. pibadar says:

    i have no idea what he said..

  5. MrFrost227 says:

    An impingement is not the problem I am having. When I do pull ups and chin ups, it seems like my terres major is doing all the work. They stay sore all the time, and my lats aren’t even growing! What am I dong wrong??

  6. 877cms says:

    6:35 number choo. Seriously tho good video thanks dude

  7. brendon2343 says:

    so when you go up you tighten your shoulders? and when you go down you loosen them?

  8. boombapswag92 says:

    wait so your saying its bad to go all the way down when doing a pullup?

  9. MarineDIwife says:

    Im a little confused…so do you keep the shoulders down or not? it seemed like you are say no,…but I want to clarify. I have a rotator cuff issue and am on my second shot. :(

  10. TellinTheTruth says:

    Thanks for this! I think that I have hurt my shoulders doing chinups and now I have shoulder instability from having weight on the shoulder doing them at full R.O.M. Silly, but no one really explained this at the physiotherapy clinic, or the doctors!

  11. BustedZen says:

    So to summarize, try and keep shoulders down when you reach the top of the movement?

  12. sbowesuk says:

    @endocomar93 Like @welliamwallace suggested, asking for medical advice from random YouTube commenters isn’t very sensible, in fact it’s pretty god damned stupid. Consider the advice given in the video, and most importantly see a doctor!

  13. chodykumbra says:

    Here is a couple of things that no body in their right mind would argue against doing for a recently injured shoulder.

    Ice your shoulders, take anti inflammatory like aspirin, rest them and do not do anything that hurts or aggravates the injury!!! Do all those things and go and see a doctor as soon as possible. Then insist on finding out what is wrong. Get an MRI if you have to and also consult a physical therapist if necessary.

  14. hjerneStimulanz says:

    wery good

  15. welliamwallace says:

    Yeah because youtube commenters are the best people to ask for medical advice! You wouldn’t want to go to the doctor or anything!

  16. endocomar93 says:

    Someone please help me urgent!

    While I was doing pullups I suddenly felt a Piercing Line of pain from my shoulder, down to my armpit(back) and now I can’t do a single pull up anymore, and other exercises are also hard… I can’t even hang on a bar because the enormous pain comes back.. I’m really scared that I won’t be able to exercise anymore… someone PLEASE HELP FAST!!!!

  17. TheEpicFailMan says:

    I used to do many pull ups.

    But I got rotator cuff tendinitis. I was in terrible pain for 9 months.
    I started again after the pain was gone and I was fine. I stopped for 6 months and returned and my tendinitis returned.

    I’m so scared, sad and kinda depressed. I don’t know what to do… I don’t understand how to do a pull up right!

    When I’m getting down I leave my shoulders go up?
    I just don’t understand! :/

  18. woeisloi says:

    thnx for the great advice, I didnt know you had to move the shoulders along with the movements your arms make and not just try to move your shoulders move as little as possible
    , does this also work that way with bench pressing, because I think my shoulder injury is caused by bench pressing.

  19. cmk1964 says:

    Hi Celciusss. What’s your view on Indian Clubs? Would they help as far as helping rotator cuff weakness? And also to increase ROM?

  20. drbackjack says:

    Those are a lot of big words crammed into a small amount of time.

  21. SemperFidelis0300 says:

    Everyone’s body is different. Many personal trainers and fitness enthusiests advise against behind the neck pull ups or shoulder presses, but I love them. Some people can do them and some can not because everyone isn’t build the same. I can do them, but I can’t do pike presses without pain so I just don’t do them. The key is to know your body and if you feel joint pain doing something, then just replace that exercise.

  22. Simonomon2 says:

    The shoulders can be up when you are below the bar, but as you elevate you should use the scapula or lats or w.e the muscle is to pull your shoulders down as you come up

  23. gagrenna says:

    i feel pain when i rise up my hand overhead ( i have a injury in rotator cuff last 2 months )after i rest it and do exercise with elastic band if i do pull ups i improve my shoulders mobility??

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